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Take advantage of our special offer of a free inspection of your hot water system and learn how you can save yourself hundreds of dollars.


As you read this …the ravages of rust may be eating through your hot water system’s tank walls!

Do you own a Rheem, Vulcan, Braemer,Hradie Dux, Rinnal, Saxxon, Beasley, Edwards, Right, Aquamax, Chromagen,

Conergy, Solar,Gas, Electric mains pressure hot water system.


Use the same method that the manufacturer used to protect their interest during the warranty period.

the only thing that stops your heater from rusting away is al long thin rod called a Sacrificial Anode

which only lasts around five years. That’s why you only get a five year warranty on a new hot water heater.


After that your water heater is no longer protected from rust, which is the main cause of water heater failure.


Fortunately you can now replace the Anode and dramatically extent the life of your water heater.


Our technicians are inspecting the Anodes in your area FREE OF CHARGE.


We invite you to be present when your old Anode is removed for inspection and if you needed we will change

your Anode for a small fraction of the cost of a replacement hot water unit. (replacement the Anode is recommended

by the manufacturers of hot water systems and your energy authorities such as Energex and Country Energy.


Take advantage of our special offer while checking your hot water services Anode. We will also

give general inspection of your hot water and check the pressure relief valve. Absolutely free

of charge. You can’t lose –




We are taking bookings in your area.



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